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High Reliability Schools

The High Reliabitlity Schools concept, developed by Dr. Robert Marzano, is built around the same philsophy that guides High Reliabilty Organizations such as the military, hospitals or air traffic control systems.  They are all oganizations that are too important to fail and specific review processses are put in place to ensure that the organization works at an optimal level.

John E. Flynn A Marzano Academy became the first school in the country to be certified in all 5 levels of the High Reliability Process.   Dr. Marzano partnered with Westminster Public Schools and its teachers to develop the program.

What is a High Reliability School?

Components of a High Reliability School

High Reliability Schools in WPS

Westminster Public Schools long range "Destination 2030 Plan" calls for all schools to reach level 5 certification by the year 2030.  Five schools have received their certification already and others are well on their way.


High Reliability School Level 5

  • John E. Flynn a Marzano Academy - January 2022

  • Metropolitan Arts Academy - May 2023

  • Sunset Ridge PK-8 - June 2023

  • Colorado STEM Academy - June 2023

  • Harris Park Elementary - February 2024


A High Reliability School Success Story

First page of the PDF file: MR-Flynn-Academysuccessstorypdf

High Reliability School Level 2

  • Early Learning Center at Gregory Hill - March 2023

  • Hidden Lake Secondary School - June 2023

  • Mesa Elementary - July 2023

  • Tennyson Knolls Preparatory School -March 2024

High Reliability School  Level 1 

  • Orchard Park Academy - April 2022

  • Josephine Hodgkins Leadership Academy - May 2022

  • Shaw Heights Middle School - June 2022

  • Westminster Academy of International Studies - June 2022

  • Fairview Elementary School - September 2022

  • Sherrelwood Elementary School - November 2022

  • Westminster High School  - November 2022

  • Colorado Sports Leadership Academy - January 2023     


Leading a Competency-Based Elementary School

Brian Kosena was principal of John E Flynn A Marzano Academy when it became the first fully certified High Reliability School in the country.  Brian teamed up with Dr. Robert Marzano to write the definitive book on creating a successful competency-based school.