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What should I ask at parent-teacher conferences

group of parents with hands raised to ask questions

What should I ask at parent-teacher conferences?

  • Is my child on track regarding graduation requirements? 
  • What performance level is my child working on in this class? 
  • What level should they be working on right now in order to be ready to graduate when expected? 
  • How does my child know what they are expected to do in class? 
  • What happens when my child has demonstrated that they already know how to do something? 
  • Do they have a chance to work deeper or move ahead? 
  • How do my child and I know what standards need more attention in school and at home? 
  • What are some resources we can use at home with my child to help support their weaker standards? 
  • What resources are offered to help catch my child up to grade level?