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How is my student doing

Is my student making appropriate progress?

In Empower, each subject will have a color-coded indicator that explains if the student is on track. To learn more about the Empower Parent Portal click here.

graphic of the grade level expectation, ahead of pace

Ahead of Pace - Students that are identified as “Ahead of Pace” are doing very well in this particular subject. They may be working faster than a traditional pace, or they may be working on standards traditionally taught to older students.

graphic of the grade level expectation, on pace

On Pace - If the progress indicator is set to “On Pace”, the student is right where they need to be! At this pace, they will be able to master enough standards by the end of the year to be in line with their grade level peers.

graphic of grade level expectation, behind pace

Behind Pace - Students are identified “Behind Pace” in a subject when they are working below their grade level. Teachers will be working with these students to help them master standards quicker, in an attempt to catch the students up to their grade level content.

graphic of grade level expectation, in progress

In Progress - If there is no identified goal for the subject, the progress indicator will be marked “In Progress.” In this case, families can check to see if there is any missing work or work that may need to be revisited. Families can also message the teacher from within Empower for more information.

How is my student doing in class?

Families can log into Empower to see how their students are performing in class. Two common things to look for are missing work and work that does not meet the teacher’s expectations.

an example of an icon that appears when a student has missing work

Missing Work

Even in a Competency Based System (CBS), students have to turn in work and deadlines still exist! Not completing or turning in work is an indication that a student may need additional help. When you log into Empower, any missing work will be identified on the front page. If you child is missing work, we encourage you to ask them about it.

an example of an icon that appears when a student has work that can be improved

Areas for Improvement

One acronym you may hear used in CBS is Maximum Achievable Score (MAS). It is easiest to think of MAS as the goal score that a teacher sets for an activity. Some activities may cover simpler material and would have a MAS of 2.0, while more detailed activities may have a MAS of 3.0. The MAS shows a student and families what score the teacher expects a student to receive. Any work that does not meet the MAS score will be identified on the front page of Empower for each subject.

picture of two graduates celebrating

Is my student on track to graduate?

It is essential that students and families know as early as possible if a student is on track for graduation. The WPS competency tracker shows how a student is progressing through their academic career. This can help families see how their student’s work today can impact their goals and future. Click here to learn how to monitor student progress in Empower.